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Animal Equilibrium

Animal Equilibrium  - Courses / Education, Natural Therapies - Bringelly and Sydney Surrounds

Location: Bringelly and Sydney Surrounds , NSW, 2556


Phone: (02) 47748023 , 0421474582



About us:

Animal   Equilibrium is about working with the body's innate healing energy and potential to promote the health of companion and performance animals on three levels :
• Physical
• Emotional/Behavioural
• Mental

............and to be healthy, animals, like us need to be "in balance" on all of these levels.

Why choose Animal Equilibrium?- because we are SOLELY dedicated to working with animals using natural therapy approaches with proven results. See our website to view case studies and testimonials. Animal   Equilibrium has had success in helping resolve problems such as :

• soft tissue injuries /lameness
• flexion/extension of limbs and body
• back/hip injuries
• gait abnormalities
• show/trial stress with performance animals
• breathing capacity
• allergies and skin conditions
• anxiety/behavioural/emotional problems
• poor eating habits

Animal Equilibrium has worked with a range of animals including - equines, canines , felines, rabbits and ducks.


Our specialty is working with canine behavioural problems and with canine and equine performance animals.

How might Animal  Equilibrium help you and your companion animal?

Preventative Program -maintaining muscle subtleness, strength and joint flexibility, preventative nutrition, fostering innate healing potential.

Remedial Program -assist and facilitate recuperation from injury, surgery and in the care of chronic and debilitating conditions. Discover how your animal can *recover from injuries faster * release pain * handle stress

Support for anxiety and other behavioural problems -using a range of modalities to support emotional wellbeing and behavioural change.

Modalities used by Animal  Equilibrium ........

* Bowen Therapy
* Kinesiology & Neural Organisation Technique (NOT)
* Photonic Therapy
* Reiki
* Crystal Therapy

* Light Life Tools
* Nutritional Advice
* Aroma medics using Young Living Therapeutic essential oils
* Flower Essences

* Homeopathy /Biochemic Therapy


Our prices:

Consultations and Therapy

You can arrange for an initial /full consultation that incorporates a
comprehensive assessment of your animal and includes the use of a range of
therapies to address physical, emotional or mental imbalances. A full
consultation usually takes 90minutes and is $85/90. Bodywork sessions only
using a range of bodywork techniques ( Bowen Therapy, Kinesiology &
Acupressure, Photonic Therapy, Crystal Therapy) vary between $45-$60 depending
on the modalities used. These sessions are usually 45- 60minutes.

If you wish to arrange an Essence or Homeopathy consultation this is $55 and
includes completing a comprehensive behavioural inventory which is analysed and
tailored essences or homeopathic remedies are then prepared. Advice on dosage,
and use of the essences as part of a behavioural program are discussed. An
essence consultation can be done via email /phone and essences then dispatched.

Reiki healings, in person and via distance can be arranged. Pricings will vary
and it is suggested that you contact Helen in the first instance via email or
phone. Reiki can be incorporated into combined therapy sessions but is also
beneficial as a sole healing modality.

Maximum distance we will travel:

100 Km