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Canine Cubby

Canine Cubby - Dog Grooming, Pet Supplies, Dog Washing & Hydrobath, Doggy Daycare - Yatala

Location: Unit 11, 30-34 Octal St, Yatala, QLD, 4207 View on Map


Phone: 07 33861358


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About us:

Hydrotherapy Canine Cubby’s ionised, heated pool may help with: * weight loss * detoxification * decreased recovery time from injury and surgery * low impact exercise * muscle wastage and stiffness * improved fitness * skin conditions

Swimming lessons Not all dogs can swim so if you have a backyard pool, dam or go boating regularly it may be an excellent idea to make sure your dog can swim. Life jackets are available for purchase for dogs from Canine Cubby.

Doggie Day Care Does your dog spend many hours at home alone? Is your dog destructive, barks excessively, or has separation anxiety? Day care could help. Why send your dog to day care? Socialisation, manners, toilet training, stimulation, games to play, new things to learn, fun and exercise. Supervision after surgery - dogs can be kept quiet, and have the advantage of hydrotherapy, Reiki, and magna therapy, which may aid in faster recovery time. Puppies gain socialisation skills, and regular meals can be provided. Donna recommends that puppies attend day care weekly to ensure growth into happy, well adjusted dogs. Dogs can attend Canine Cubby for day care as often as you like, with most dog owners opting for a regular routine of weekly or fortnightly visits.

Professional Clipping/ Grooming Is your dog due for a clip, or just needs some sprucing up? Does your dog spend hours in a grooming cage waiting to be groomed or do you get your dog groomed by a mobile person, from as little as $50 your dog can play with other social dogs whilst waiting to be professionally clipped,you can drop your dog off on your way to work and pick them up on your way home at no extra charge. If you want your dog to enjoy going to the groomers then, give Donna a call.

Alternative Therapies Are you tired of using chemicals on your dog? Could they be contributing to your dog’s health problems and skin conditions? Homeopathy and other complimentary therapies may help. Drop into Canine Cubby on Octal Street to find out more!

Hydrobath One of Canine Cubby’s many fantastic services is the heated, dual tank hydro-bath. The therapeutic spray nozzle helps to stimulate the dog’s circulation, and your dog will enjoy the deep massaging shampoo and all-natural products used. Bring your dog in for a special hydro-bath & see for yourself how good your dog will look and smell. The price includes towel drying, nail clipping and ear cleansing. Only $12.00 (A blow dyer is available for a small extra fee).

Our prices:

Hydrotherpy $25.00 per session Hydrobathing $12.00 per dog including nails clipping and ears cleaned Professional Clipping and Grooming from $50.00 Prices can change without notice please ask when making a booking

Operating hours:

Open: 7:30