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Cockburn Pet Care

Cockburn Pet Care - Home Visits, Pet Sitting - Perth

Location: 21, Sweeteater Bend, Perth, WA, 6000 View on Map


Phone: 0447022009 , 0447022009


Cockburn Pet Care Cockburn Pet Care Cockburn Pet Care Cockburn Pet Care


About us:

Let Cockburn Pet Care Services care for your pets in the comfort of their own home.

I care for all types of pets, dogs, cats, cows or snakes etc. I will love and care for them all. When you return home they will be as happy and relaxed as they were when you left.
If you don't have pets then my home care services are also a valued care service. You won't have to rely on a friend or bother a neighbour. Can't find the time to walk your pet- I will do it for you while you are busy.

Our prices:

Affordable Service Rates


Caring is not a science it's in your heart.


Service                                                   Cost Per call

Feeding Service:
Feed and Water pets $25.00
Administration of medication $ 2.00

Complicated marine and tropical aquariums (protein skimmers, calcium reactors reverse osmosis top up systems and lighting systems etc.) I have had marine aquariums for over 12 years so I'm sure your system will be manageable.                       

Call to discuss your setup and rates

Included in the above services is a free home security check of all doors and windows, mail collection service and watering of inside pot plants with each visit.

Pet walking service: 
Walking 1-2 dogs we are already caring for  
$7.00 for each 15 minutes
Walking 1-2 dogs for 15 min (service on its own)   $25.00
Walking 1-2 dogs for 30 min (service on its own)   $27.00

Pet to Vet Service:
You don't have time to take your beloved pet to the vet.  I will collect your pet take them to the vet and return them home happy and relaxed. 
This service is only available in the Cockburn area. Call  for a quote.

Home care and security check services:  ( if you have no pets ) 
Home security check of all doors and windows, watering of inside pot plants, mail collection, taking bins out and switching on and off of lights. 

Email or SMS service is also available upon request.         
 No charge




PLEASE NOTE: It is of utmost importance that all clients do a pre departure check-in with me the day before you leave on your holiday to confirm your booking!!


In some cases we charge a nominal fee for travel if you live more than 5km from our offices.
( if we don't have any other clients in your area on your service day.)




Maximum distance we will travel:

10 Km