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Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing

Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing - Dog Grooming, Dog Sitting, Dog Washing & Hydrobath, Pet Sitting - Campbelltown

Location: 3 Fullerton cct St Helens Park, Campbelltown, NSW, 2560 View on Map


Phone: 0438606719 , 022 4614240


Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing


About us:

We are family owned and operated... NOT a franchise. This ensures that we are not restricted to particular franchise areas and when you call us you speak to the owners NOT to a paging service who will take forever to get back to you. Deal direct and reap the benefits. Our prices are low as we do not have to make that little bit extra to pay any franchise fee Dirty Dogs is based on our clients needs which are of the utmost importance to us.

We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service to you and your dog. Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction. We have serviced the Macarthur area of Sydney NSW for 10 years.

BRUSH We brush your dog before and after the hydrobath to remove any excess hair (especially when they are dropping their winter coat). The look on their face shows that they really do appreciate the attention!

EARS Dogs can get foreign matter in their ears simply from laying around in your own backyard, let alone digging holes and running around stirring up the dust so we need to ensure their ears are checked and cleaned thoroughly. An inspection of the ears can also reveal infections and fly bites as well as the presence of mites.

EYES Like the ears, dogs can get infections from lazing around doing nothing. Grass seeds or even large dust particles can lodge in the eye and become infected and weepy. NAILS overgrown nails can in some cases cause your dog pain where they curl over and actually grow into the pad. Some dogs are unable to walk correctly due to over lengthy nails and in extreme cases some dogs cannot walk at all. Sad but true. As the dew claws are not in contact with the ground they can become potentially dangerous instruments when jumping up on adults or children alike. Many of our new customers have shown us scars inflicted from an innocent game of rough and tumble with their pet. We at Dirty Dogs check all nails and clip them if required. And we never cut them too far! Ouch.

DIRTY DOGS MOBILE ‘STAY AT HOME’ PET SERVICES Out of town for a wedding? Going away for a long weekend? Jetting out for a few weeks relaxation? Stressing about what to do with the pets? Who’s going to look after them? We will! We will water, feed and spend playtime with your beloved pets while you are away and best of all they don’t have to leave the familiar surroundings of their own home.

All inclusive Service includes:

• Checking / changing water

• Feeding • Playtime • Plant watering

• Garbage put out / brought in

• Mail /newspapers brought in

• Ask us about any other needs and we’ll see what we can do.

If you are worried about us being ‘new kids on the block’ then don’t be! Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing has serviced the Campbelltown / Camden area for the past decade and is one of the busiest and most well respected grooming companies around. A large number of our clients who work extended hours have long entrusted us with the means to access their properties and pets in their absence in the knowledge that the security and safety of their property and pets is in good hands. Due to a high number of requests from existing clientele for ‘stay at home’ care we have decided to add this service to our repertoire. Check out our website at

INTRODUCTORY VISIT: We will of course come and meet you to discuss arrangements prior to your departure. At this point we will require payment of 50% of the total amount being charged.

Should you have any enquiries at all please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Dale : 0438606719

Belinda : 0424781440

0ffice : 46214240

To Clip or Not To Clip A Well Groomed Dog is a Happy Dog!! Many owners get the wrong advice on caring for their dog’s coat. Grooming is very important for your dog. It’s great for cutting down on shedding and smell, and will keep your dogs’ skin, hair, nails and ears healthy. Grooming is also a good way to cut down on allergies. It’s very important to have your dog groomed regularly to save any matting of its coat. A dog whose coat is matted, full of dead hair and smelly is an unhappy, unhealthy and often flea loaded dog. Matts start when dirt and debris get caught up in the dog’s coat. They then start rubbing and scratching the area which further entangles the hair and enlarges the matt’s. As air cannot circulate through the knots fleas are in heaven, accordingly sores and rashes then form.

Heavily matted dogs can have their leg; feet and head movements restricted and in some cases pinching of the skin can cause great pain. In turn this pain may cause the dog to exhibit aggressive behaviour such as biting. Attempts to remove the matt’s May also prove to be painful, pulling at the skin. In order to avoid these dramas the following grooming frequencies are recommended, Stripping will remove any loose, woolly undercoat that sheds constantly. This will result in a coarser coat with shedding reduced by 75%.Regular hydrobath with blow drying will remove any loose undercoat that will stop any matting.

PLEASE NOTE A double coated dog should never be clipped!!! So many of our customer asks “should I get my dog clipped in the heat”? Heat management in dogs is performed by exchange of heat via the tongue and the pads of the feet. In the hot weather dogs pant and open their mouths wide to cool down (this is good) they don’t sweat from pores like we do and removing the coat to the skin will make the dog hotter as the insulating properties of a normal coat is removed. Continued clipping over time replaces a normal coat with a thick woolly undercoat that sheds, causes heat stress it is best for your dog to keep its natural coat. Remember it’s not spoiling It’s caring at Dirty Dogs!!!

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Maximum distance we will travel:

30 Km