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K9 Potential

K9 Potential - Animal Behaviorist, Dog Training & Obedience - Samford

Location: Cedar Creek, Samford, QLD, 4520 View on Map


Phone: 0732894152 , 0401935750


K9 Potential K9 Potential


About us:

Group classes are held at Samford, on the north west of Brisbane, on a Tuesday night.  Alternatively if you have a dog that for many reasons is not suited to a class situation, then I do one-on-one in home training, where you and your dog can excel. Clicker training is encouraged and I love to teach this as part of the class. The same principles you can use on any animal. 

Training should be fun for you and your dog, this will facilitate more learning.  Teaching the handler is the key so you aquire the skills to train your dog.

Behavioural visits are where I come to your home, and assess your dogs issues, are sometimes needed when your dog is causing life at home to be unlivable.  We then work out a plan of action, to solve the issues.  These visits are very individual so you need to talk to me about the details.


I also believe that as a dog professional my own skills should be kept sharp so attend workshops and conferences when possible.

Please do you homework when engageing a dog trainer the industry is not regulated.  I welcome questions and encourage you to watch at one of my group training classes before you buy.  If a trainer is still quoting pack theory that should raise a red flag.  There is compelling evidence that now debunks that theory.  The same goes for, comparing dogs to wolves which s a little like comparing you to neanderthal man. 

Our prices:

2017 Price List

6 week group class  $140

One-on-one training 6 weeks $340

Behavioural vistis 1st visit $135 follow up visits $75

Maximum distance we will travel:

75 Km