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Mighty Woof

Mighty Woof - Animal Behaviorist, Dog Clothing, Dog Sitting, Dog Training & Obedience - ashfield

Location: 1 lucy street, ashfield, NSW, 2137 View on Map


Phone: (02) 9799 1540 , 0412 311 429


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About us:

What is the secret to having fun?

Most of us would say it is being with our friends (both animal and human) and having an adventure together.

This is where Josie from Mighty Woof comes in.

Josie has raised and trained the most lovable to the most spoilt canines. She has transformed agility and obedience classes with her unique way of training dogs.

Now you, your dog and your friends can join Josie and Mighty Woof for dog training that is more than a bit different.

What can Josie and Mighty Woof do to add more fun and enjoyment to your life with your dog?


Mighty Woof Dog Training parties

Invite a group of fellow dog owner friends over to your place. Participate in a trick training session followed by games, agility exercises, a fashion parade and fun for owners too, tailored to the abilities and sizes of the dogs. Each session will be filmed so that you can see the progress you have made and the fun, frolics and ‘frills’ you have had.

What a different birthday party idea for children; teaching them to control, train and occupy their dogs. You may never have to force your child to walk the dog again!

 Dog-Sitting services

If your dog is a spoilt brat and needs extra-special loving attention (or even a Josie-prepared home-cooked meal) Josie will dog sit in your home and train your dog. You mightn’t recognise him when you get back.

One on One Personal Dog training

In Josie’s words “ Life is the best teacher, but I want my lessons to be fun.” Everyone learns better when they can trust and be free from fear. Mighty Woof and Josie will bring you to a new level in your relationship with your dog through games and playful competition.  Your friendship with your dog will deepen into something truly special.

Let Josie’s natural and intuitive way with animals and her zany sense of humour, relax you and your dog so that you can enjoy each other again, in the warm, fun and relaxed environment that she creates. Get back to being ‘best friends’ again and maybe make some new human friends sharing fun and high spirits with Josie and Mighty Woof.

Owner and Dog Fitness classes in the park

Join in with Josie to move the weight doggy-style! Taking your dog through a Mighty Woof Agility fitness class trains you and your dog to perform tricks (no, it is never too late and you are never too old!) and lose weight at the same time. Running throgh mazes, racing over bridges, in and out poles, pushing prams, playing games; this is the most fun and fitness you and your dog will ever have, you won't realise that you are actually exercising.

Classes will be starting in in a park near you.


What about when my dog passes away? How can Mighty Woof help?

Mighty Woof can help you remember all those good times with your dog by creating a special film or even a story book that may be read to children, remembering all your special friend’s exploits illustrated with your treasured photographs.

Might Woof also has a range of keepsake urns for your special friends’ remains.

The Story of Mighty Woof

It all started with the death of Sha Sha, her beloved Labrador (more on how Josie can help you with the passing of your loved one later). Josie was heartbroken and needed someone to ease the pain. Her name was Tigerlily. A frisky terrier who was soon wrecking havoc in Josie’s household. Shoes were torn, couches disembowelled. Josie was faced with a dog with whom she couldn’t cope.

She went to see an animal behavioralist who told her that: “ the dog was smart, the owner was dumb.” Well, Josie had to go back to the drawing board. She had a very smart, bored dog on her hands. So she got down and started to teach her dog to fetch her the box of tissues instead of ripping it to bits. To ride the skateboard instead of chewing the wheels off it. To wee where she wanted instead of where Tigerlily fancied.

Tigerlily started Josie on a quest for sensitive, spiritual dog training. This is why she has created Mighty Woof;  for loving dog-owners like herself.

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Our prices:

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Mightywoof owner and dog fitness in the park cost $35.00 per whole family

Aglity, flyball, doggy soccer, doggy dancing, dog obedience, rally o , treiball, human exercise


Breakfast point on friday and Saturday

Woodcroft lake park on Sunday

Ashfield park on Tuesday and Saturday.


Doggy indoor swimming pool at breakfast point.

Kitten kindy fitness training  classes at your home $100 for 2hrs.

Puppy fitness training classes at your home $100 for 2hrs.

Dog grooming at ashfield for difficult dogs $50 for small dogs.

Dog gromming training classes at ashfield $50 for small dogs.

Dog training one to one at ashfield or your home.

Operating hours:

Open: 9:00
Close: 5:00