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Mischeife Wags Pet Photography

Mischeife Wags Pet Photography - Pet Photography, Pet Portraits - Perth, WA & Adelaide

Location: Perth, WA & Adelaide, SA, 5042


Phone: 0407880182


Mischeife Wags Pet Photography Mischeife Wags Pet Photography Mischeife Wags Pet Photography Mischeife Wags Pet Photography Mischeife Wags Pet Photography Mischeife Wags Pet Photography


About us:

About the Photos

Hi, my name is Reilly and i am an avid dog lover, or as some call me, a 'dog nerd'. Throughout my whole life i have been surrounded but these gorgeous four legged creatures, going to dog shows regularly with my mum and her dogs, and growing up around them.


I am a passionate lover of all dog sports, and aim to train my own dogs in obedience, flyball, agility, and/or tracking. The beauty I see in these sports is that the unity between handler and dog is clear to see and on display to everyone, perhaps it is not always perfect, but both need to work together to reach a goal, whatever that may be. Dogs constantly surprise me, in their mischievous ways and their incredible sense of humour, and their completely individual personalities. Much like humans, no two dog is the same. 


It is this individuality of dogs and felines, that i attempt to capture in my images, forever holding their charm and unique attributes within a picture. Each shoot is tailor made to the client, i work with you to find out how to make the session as something you can look back on with joy!

Our prices:

The Standard

- 1 hour private photoshoot

- 15+ full size images included

- 1 location


This package consists of a roughly 1 hour private session of photography, in a location of your choice (within the travel rules/near [Wembley, WA (6014) or Bedford park, SA (5042)] ). This ensures a location that you and your pet is comfortable in, which is reflected in the photos. This package is for one pet only, for extra pets a one off fee will be added of $20, and travel fee (if outside given limit) is dependent on location.


15+ of the best, edited shots will be available for you to download online, and receive digitally in full resolution. This means that you can search for the best price and company that works for you when it comes to printing.


Repeat Mischeife Wags customers receive 10% off

$110 valued at over $290

Available in Adelaide and Perth


Build Your own

1 hour session (1 dog) = $70

+ 30 mins    = $25

+ 1 hour      = $50

+ extra dog = $20


Fully Edited Digital Files 

Full size       = $15 each

Web Size     = $7 each


This session allows you to pick your own add ons, specific to your needs/wants and better if you are on a budget or looking for only one or two images to get! Location outside the travel rules [Wembley, WA (6014) or Bedford park, SA (5042)] incurs travel fee specific to distance required.

Available in Adelaide and Perth

Maximum distance we will travel:

25 Km