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Positive Response Dog Training - Thornlands

Positive Response Dog Training - Thornlands - Animal Behaviorist, Dog Training & Obedience, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting - Thornlands

Location: Redlands Vet Clinic, 433 Boundary Road, Thornlands, QLD, 4164 View on Map


Phone: (07) 3459 2121 , 0424 058 450



About us:

A dog is for Life - Not Just Lifestyle

Positive Response Dog Training is owned and operated by Dee Scott, a qualified National Behavioural Trainer with over 30 years of extensive experience in the dog world. She spent 6 of those years working as a Quarantine Detection (sniffer) dog Handler at Melbourne International Airport with her detector dog Phantom and training other handlers and their dogs. "Watching Border Security is exactly what my average day in the office was like". Dee has taught in many obedience clubs over the years, helping to introduce FLYBALL, a fantastic dog sport to Australia whilst living in Canberra and competed heavily in obedience, fly ball and agility with her home dog Isaac. She has appeared on The Bert Newton Show and Channel 9, and in local papers and editorials.

What is Reward Based Training All About?

Reward Based Training is NOT just about food!

Reward based training or operant conditioning as its known is a method of learning that occurs when an animal makes an association between a behaviour (Sit) and the reward (food, toys, pat). The reward helps to increase the animal's behaviour so that it earns as it learns.

We can find examples of operant conditioning at work all around us, such as children completing homework to earn a reward from a parent or teacher or employees finishing projects to receive praise or promotions. In these examples, the promise or possibility of rewards causes an increase in behavior. We can also use operant conditioning to decrease a behavior.  Your dog jumps on you and it is removed from you and put outside. The behaviour (jumping) leads to the consequence (removal) and the behaviour decreases.  

Dee and her staff are specialised trainers, working with a variety of issues using reward based training. Our staff undertake the complex national trainers course with Delta Society Australia. They are also mentored by Dee and undertake an in house training program prior to qualifying. This enables us to provide a high standard of service to the community with exceptionally qualified staff.


Dee brings a wealth of experience and formal qualifications to her classes

  • Delta National Accredited Trainer Since 2000 (
  • Delta National Accredited Assessor
  • Accredited Detector Dog Handler for 6 years with the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service at Melbourne Airport
  • Instructor/trainer at Keilor Obedience Dog Training Centre, Victoria from 2000
  • Level 1 Instructor at the Companion Dog Club in Canberra from 1994
  • Train competition levels of obedience, agility and flyball
  • All levels of pet adult dog and puppy training
  • Specialises in behavioural training problems with adult dogs
  • Level 2 Reiki practitioner for you and your pets

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Our prices:

We offer an array of services including Puppy Training Courses, Dog Training Courses, One on One home visits, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking. We also offer many FREE services including a Trainer Consult and Puppy Playgroups.

Please visit our website for more information and to see current list of avalable classes.