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Sitdropstay - Dog Training and Behaviour

Sitdropstay -  Dog Training and Behaviour - Animal Behaviorist, Dog Training & Obedience - Cudgera Creek

Location: 63 Cabbage Gum Dr, Cudgera Creek, NSW, 2484 View on Map


Phone: 1300 306 887 , 0416508549


Sitdropstay -  Dog Training and Behaviour


About us:

Sitdropstay is an Australia wide premium Home Dog Training and Behaviour company, offering a natural and more effective approach based on the art of Dog Whispering. We offer an amazingly effective approach to both correcting unwanted behaviour and rehabilitating problem dogs that gives you immediate and lasting results. We will show you how to interact and communicate with your dog at a deeper and more profound level. It is our ongoing commitment and goal to offer the most advanced and effective dog training and behaviour available in Australia today.

We offer consults in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, and Cairns.

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