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Spunky Puppies

Spunky Puppies - Dog Grooming, Dog Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Washing & Hydrobath, Doggy Daycare - Mayfield

Location: Shop 17, 286 Maitland Rd., Mayfield, NSW, 2304 View on Map


Phone: 0417433525


Spunky Puppies Spunky Puppies Spunky Puppies


About us:

Spunky puppies was founded in 2010 in Newcastle by Tegan and Aaron England. First came an air-conditioned mobile salon followed soon by a fully equipped salon in Mayfield. This salon has the latest in hydrobaths, dryers, electric grooming tables and much more. Spunky Puppies Grooms Dogs as well as Grooms Cats and Rabbits. Tegan is an IPG qualified groomer {international professional groomer}. Our groomers are highly trained professionals that do regular training so as to bring you the latest in styles, techniques and products use by pet groomers world wide. We pride ourselves on providing you with total satisfaction, we guarantee it.

Our prices:

Spunky Puppies offers two levels of service. A basic wash and dry service for those dogs who just need a clean up. Then we offer a full groom service, which includes the wash and blow dry, but also includes our professional grooming services. Basic Wash and Dry Service This service includes a full hydro-bath wash, using our specialty shampoo's and conditioners, and a full blow dry with our high speed professional coat drying system. The dogs coat is fully brushed out, during the drying process, to give your dog a beautiful show finish. Short Hair Dogs Long Hair Dogs Small $ 45.00 Small $ 50.00 Medium $ 50.00 Medium $ 60.00 Large $ 60.00 Large $ 70.00 X Large $ 70.00 X Large --- Quote Cats and Rabbits $95** for Wash and dry and $110** for a Clip,Wash and dry. **extra charge for badly matted or aggressive animals Extra Services Flea Treatment $ 10.00 includes Rinse and capstar tablet. ** Note , Dogs who present with a badly matted coat may not be able to use this wash service. Bad knots simply do not "wash out" and our high velocity dryers and combs will not work properly. Your groomer will advise if a clip may be necessary before washing ** Clip Off or Style Clip including a Pammering Bath using Premium Products and Blow Dry includes: •Washed in our own specialty shampoo's and conditioners to suit your dogs skin and coat type. •Blow Dry •Full Body Clip or Style Cut of Dog •Face, feet and tail clip •Ear and nail trimgrind •Conditioner applied to coat •Doggy cologne •To finish off a treat for your dog Small $ 55.00 Medium $ 65.00 Large $ 85.00 X Large Please call to get a quote. X Large dogs are VERY time consuming and take twice as long. Cats and Rabbits $95** for Wash and dry and $110** for a Clip,Wash and dry. **extra charge for badly matted or aggressive animals De-Matting Service $ 30.00 per half hour ** Nails Painted $ 10.00 Flea Treatment $ 10.00 includes Rinse and capstar tablet. If your dog has not been groomed for a long time, or in fact never, the initial groom may take longer to get right and therefore will cost more, but your dog will look fantastic. However with regular visits we can help you maintain your dogs coat and each subsequent groom will take less time and cost less for the visit. Deshedding Service Brushing out using a Specialised Deshedding Tool. This reduces shedding by upto 90% and leaves the coat healthier and free to breath. Recommended for both long and short haired dogs and cats. This services is charged at $30 per half hour. * *Wash and dry required prior to Deshedding Other Helpful Pages Flea Control and Its Benifits Heartworm Prevention Desexing your Pet Intestional Worms The Care of Senior Pets Giving Your Pet a Tablet How to Apply a Spot on Treatment Your Pet and Managing Biting Saving $$$ on Pet Products To Shave or not to Shave!!! .

Maximum distance we will travel:

20 Km