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Unleashed Pet Portraits

Unleashed Pet Portraits - Pet Photography, Pet Portraits - Beaconsfield

Location: Beaconsfield, WA, 6162


Phone: 0421177286


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About us:

About Unleashed

We want to capture your pet's true personality in an environment which enables their vitality for life to shine. We'll chat to find out the best spot for you and your dog. It might be the local park, cafe, beach or at home. I'll spend a little time getting to know your dog before taking pictures. They tend to reveal their character more once they feel comfortable around me and have time to settle in their surroundings. I'll spend about an hour photographing your dog doing what they do best... being a dog. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for getting them to stay still if you would like some more posed photos too. Treats, funny noises and most importantly, patience.

After the shoot, I’ll go through the hundreds of images and choose around 30 of the best for you to view. We’ll meet up again about a week after the shoot for you to see the photos and select how you would like to display your new artwork. We have a few different options for this, including the ability to buy the high resolution image files.

Our prices:

The session fee is $250 and 50% of that goes toward your account as a print credit.

Maximum distance we will travel:

100 Km