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Dog Charming

Dog Charming - Animal Behaviorist, Dog Training & Obedience - Rockingham and Perth Suburbs

Location: Rockingham and Perth Suburbs, WA, 6169


Phone: 0419905466


Dog Charming Dog Charming Dog Charming Dog Charming Dog Charming Dog Charming


About us:


* In-home training & behaviour advice for all breeds and all ages

* Problem behaviours e.g. barking, digging, separation distress, fear/aggression issues

* Advice to help choose the right dog for your lifestyle

* Tricks, fun & bonding tips  

* Recommendation to puppy pre-school classes and group classes

The emphasis is on explaining dog language and how they learn, and then showing guardians how to teach their dog using humane, force-free, positive-reinforcement based techniques. In this way, the unfortunate side effects of punishment and the damage it causes to the human-dog bond are avoided.

Techniques are based on the concepts of behavioural science and are suitable for all dogs (and across all species!)  If you are interested in clicker training, this is one of our favourite ways to teach.  The creativity it unleashes in your dog is amazing - just ask Zuri, the Rhodesian Ridgeback and co-owner of Dog Charming.

Sonya Bevan is the other owner of Dog Charming and is also a registered physiotherapist.  She has a bachelor of science and has completed further studies at the Companion Animal Sciences Institute to gain a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology.

This is not the end of her studies, and she is committed to continuing education to provide a service that reflects reliable and ethical information.

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Maximum distance we will travel:

75 Km