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Guide Dogs Pet Insurance


Guide Dogs Pet Insurance Guide Dogs Pet Insurance Guide Dogs Pet Insurance Guide Dogs Pet Insurance Guide Dogs Pet Insurance


About us:

For close to 100 years, member schools of Guide Dogs Australia have been providing much-needed mobility and orientation services and programs for Australians who are blind or vision impaired, including our iconic Guide Dogs.

Guide Dogs not only provide freedom and independence to people with low or no vision, but they are also much-loved friends and companions that can ease the loneliness and social isolation many people without sight can experience.

The cost of providing these remarkable animals is not cheap: $30,000 is what’s needed to breed, train and place every Guide Dog with no aid from Government. The only way we continue to provide them for free is through community support.

By protecting your cat or dog with Guide Dogs Pet Insurance you ensure a brighter future for your animal and ours, because proceeds from every policy sold will help meet the cost of turning our puppies into Guide Dogs, as well as providing other vital services and programs for people with low or no vision.

Our prices:

Prices start from around 60c a day fro cats and $1.20 a day for dogs. Visit our website or call 1300 131 636 for a quote.