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Leading RAW



About us:

Leading RAW is a raw food canine diet originally developed by Guide Dogs Queensland (GDQ) to service our prized colony of dogs and pups. 

So outstanding were the health benefits of Leading RAW, Guide Dogs Queensland made the decision to develop the product further and release it commercially to aid the well-being of all dogs and help GDQ raise funds for the training of Guide Dog puppies.

Every Guide Dog costs $30,000 to breed, train and place with no aid from Government but is offered to people who are blind or vision impaired for free. By purchasing Leading RAW, dog owners are not only giving their best friend one of the highest quality pet foods available, but their purchase will also help provide a Guide Dog to the growing number of people with low or no vision seeking Guide Dog services.

Produced alongside an animal scientist and a food technician, Leading RAW is full of fresh meat trimmings, healthy organs, ground bones and seasonal vegetables, and contains no preservatives, fillers, artificial additives, chemicals or colours.

Since introducing Leading RAW to its canine colony, Guide Dogs Queensland has greatly reduced its pet food and health care costs and is confident consumers will too.

Just some of the many health benefits experienced include:
-   Improved skin and coat condition in dogs and pups; 
-   Reduced body and breath odour; 
-   Climbing conception rates; 
-   Reduced stool volume; 
-   Increased resilience to parasites; 
-   Reduced hyperactivity;
-   Healthier teeth and gums requiring little brushing; 
-   Improved digestive/urinary function; and 
-   Orthopaedic soundness.